Tincture time!

If you know me, you have probably heard me yammering on and on about the wonders of tinctures. Perhaps you don’t know me, and you are asking “what is a tincture”? It is simply an alcoholic extract of a natural material. Years ago, the desire to learn more about herbal medicine and tincturing is what lead me to my husband. I was a newcomer to the extremely groovy college town of Arcata, California and though I lacked the funding to actually attend the college, I was determined to continue my education in more of a self-taught way. A friend of mine introduced me to him when I asked if he knew anyone who could teach me about herbalism and wildcrafting, and meeting him has sent me down an intriguing and “less traveled” path which I have never regretting taking! Herbal medicine requires a sort of responsibility that conventional medicine doesn’t seem to ask of you, which can be intimidating at first, but is really empowering and becomes a way of life. While I have been making herbal tinctures for years now, it is only recently that I discovered that tinctures have applications in the natural perfume world, through blogs such as erlithe and Roxana Illuminated What talented ladies! I would like to thank them right now for sharing so generously of their inspiration, it’s like a light bulb has been lit!  No more will I be completely limited to availability lists and suppliers, rather I can look to the material in the world around me to truly capture a moment in time.   The moment when the lemon balm is a buzz with hard working bees.  The moment when sweetly scented ethereal pink fluff  is drifting down from my mother in law’s mimosa tree.  For the time being all of these balmy moments will have to wait for winter to pass, so I am taking this chance to cook up some scent extending base note tinctures.  Today it was apricot, jasmine rice, and lightly toasted coconut.   I can attest to the delicousness of the coconut in particular!  The apricot is leaving an interesting faint sticky trail behind on my skin, which I am hoping is an indication that it will help the other scents in a blend adhere and persist
Now we wait, my least favorite part!


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