Can Do!

03-29-2013 017As I mentioned previously, I have a huge backlog of fruit waiting to be canned in my freezer.  But before I could even face that task, I had a sad failure to face down:  my last batch of marmalade.  In fact, I haven’t broken out my canner since I made it MONTHS ago.  The recipe was for a Grapefruit Marmalade with Vanilla and Rosewater (strange, I know.  But soooooo good), and I don’t know where I went wrong!  It tasted and smelled divine, but as time passed it became clear that it just wasn’t going to gel.  Bummer.  But since I am a very stubborn so and so, I refused to throw out those perfectly sealed jars, and instead called the Pomona’s Pectin Jamline.  Pomona’s is a special kind of two part pectin, which doesn’t rely on sugar to gel, so you can use only as much sugar as your taste dictates rather than the insane pile of the stuff that ordinary pectin demands. The lady who answered my call was so helpful, and it’s a good thing I called because from what she said, the way I was going to attempt to reprocess (reheating the marmalade and sprinkling in some pectin powder) would have been a disgusting failure.  See,  if there is already a large proportion of sugar, as was the case, the pectin would not have distributed properly and instead would have formed nasty globs and grains.  Eeeew.  What I was told to do instead was dissolve the pectin separately in a cup of boiling water, stir vigorously until it dissolved, and then dump the mess (which looked suspiciously like frogspawn at this point) into my heated marmalade, and can from there.  I would share the recipe, but as I said it didn’t work initially, and you don’t want to take the same convoluted path I took to get here, trust me!  Perhaps an edited version is in order…  But how did it turn out?  Beautifully!  The chewy bits of peel taste like those old fashioned orange section candies, with just enough grapefruit bitterness to keep it interesting, and a touch of sweet vanilla and just the faintest suggestion of rose.  Perfect for all those sophisticated high teas that I serve to highfallutin’ ladies in frilly white lace frocks.  At my trailer in the boondocks, yeah….  And awesome on an English Muffin.  Maybe with Nutella, oh boy!   The Boonville Farmer’s Market will be opening before you know it in early April, so if you’ve got to try some come see me there!

03-29-2013 019


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